Juvenile Restitution

Holding youth accountable, providing restitution to victims, building good work habits

Lakeshore CAP’s Door County Juvenile Restitution Program (JRP) is a rehabilitative program serving youthful offenders between the ages of 10 and 17. It is based upon the concept that a juvenile offender’s actions have had a negative effect on their victims and provides a way for them to responsibly compensate their victims and the community as a whole.

RESTITUTION is monetary payment to victims for personal or property damage or loss. Among other services, the JRP Coordinator helps youth meet their restitution responsibility by assisting them in getting and keeping a job.

COMMUNITY SERVICE is unpaid service ordered by the Juvenile Court or Human Services when laws or standards of conduct have been violated. The JRP Coordinator connects the youth with an appropriate non-profit where they responsibly fulfill their community service obligation.

The PURPOSE of Juvenile Supervision is to:

  • Protect the community from delinquency
  • Impose accountability on youth for offenses committed
  • Provide compensation to the victims of the crimes
  • Equip juvenile offenders with the competencies to live productively and responsibly

Call for more information:

Lakeshore CAP/Sturgeon Bay
JRP Coordinator — (920) 743-0192