Testimonials from clients that were in the GED Program through Lakeshore Community Action Program.
“The pandemic has been difficult for my family and me for many reasons. Our greatest struggle has been money. I recognize the need to earn a high school diploma to gain a better paying job and to show my children that it is important to stay in school. The GED exams are expensive. Lakeshore CAP has provided me with my first voucher for an exam. This help means the world to me. It takes so much pressure off me. Now I do not have to worry about where I will get money to take the exams. Instead, I can focus on studying. Thank you SEEK Careers for donating money to Lakeshore CAP.”
“It is with sincere appreciation that I express gratitude for the SEEK Careers donation to Lakeshore Community Action Program, CAP. With the financial assistance provided from SEEK Careers through CAP, I have been able to continue my classes preparing for the GED exams at Lakeshore Technical College. It is difficult to support a family while working part-time and attending classes. It takes a long time to complete this task. I am grateful for the funding I have received for the GED exams. It is with great enthusiasm that I share that I have passed four of the five GED exams. Since March, I have been studying for the math exam. It is my plan to take the math exam in September. Once I earn a high school credential, I will be able to apply for better employment opportunities.”
“Thank you for the donation SEEK Careers made to Lakeshore CAP to assist students with financial needs as they work toward earning their GED/HSED. Transportation is a major issue for me because I do not drive. A bus pass is not in my monthly budget. Before I received a bus pass from Lakeshore CAP, I walked one and a half miles each way to LTC for classes. Riding the bus saves me a lot of time. To be honest, it is much nicer riding the bus than walking, especially on days with bad weather. There would be times I just could not make it to school without a bus pass. I am hoping to graduate in December.”
We would like to thank SEEK Careers for donating money for this wonderful program! Thank you!