Lakeshore CAP, Inc. Board of Directors 

  • Rita MetzgerPresident (Manitowoc County)
  • Virginia Haske Vice President (Kewaunee County)
  • Cecilia HeldSecretary (Manitowoc County)
  • Seth ZippererTreasurer (Manitowoc County)
  • Rick MozinskiMember at Large (Manitowoc County)
  • Richard Virlee Director (Door County)
  • Mary Cram Director (Door County)
  • Dave LessDirector (Manitowoc County)
  • Robert ZiegelbauerDirector (Sheboygan County)
  • Sara HockersDirector (Manitowoc County)
  • Doree SteinDirector (Kewaunee County)
  • Sherrie RichardsDirector (Manitowoc County)
  • See May YangDirector (Manitowoc County)

Lakeshore CAP, Inc. is a Wisconsin Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 corporation, guided by a Board of Directors (Board). The Board’s primary function is the pursuit of the organization’s mission, purpose and values. Lakeshore CAP embodies community action by being proactive in addressing the needs of the communities in our area; developing compassionate programming while adhering to our mission of promoting self-sufficiency with integrity; being resourceful in leveraging our funds, partnerships, staff and facilities; and inspiring our clients and community partners to follow our lead.

The Board has oversight responsibility for all agency operations, is guided by a Board Policy and the Bylaws of the corporation, and hires the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Through the CEO, the Board has responsibility for all aspects of personnel management and contracts for goods and services, annual work programs, budgets, and policies related to the operations of the agency. The powers and duties of the Board shall be those prescribed by the State of Wisconsin for not for profit organizations.

The members of the Board are selected to meet the requirements of tripartite representation of three sectors. At least one-third of the members on the Board must be composed of representatives from each of these sectors:

  1. Public
  2. Private
  3. Low Income

Helping People; Changing Lives