A testimonial from a client that was in the Connections Count Program.


To everyone involved at Lakeshore Cap let me tell you how important M and R are to me. Yes, I only talk with them roughly once a week or biweekly. But that’s just and hour zoom call with R and M. They are behind the scenes working their tail off to help me and my kids better our lives. I look forward to talking to them every time that I can. They help guide me. They really do… These two women have a heart of Gold. They want to see me and my kids succeed in every way possible. Right now as you are reading this, R is trying to keep me in my apartment.  I might get evicted on this Monday. She’s calling everyone she knows to prevent that from happening, but it may be out of her hands. Right now M is basically a life coach to me. She’s is teaching sign language to my daughter’s and I. Trust me that’s a tall task . She makes up activities for us to do weekly, plus I receive books for the kids. M also coaches me on being the best person that I can be. These two women do way more than I’ve written in this letter. When I say they are special to me, I mean it. I really do. I am at a time of need in my life and they have been by my side helping me. The Lakeshore Cap program helps with baby gates, baby monitors, diapers, goodwill gift cards etc….I don’t know where I would be right now without Lakeshore Cap being in my life. My appreciation is more than just receiving the things that I need. R and M are emotionally invested. They care. They really care…. Thank you M! Thank you R! Thank you Lakeshore Cap!”