Lakeshore CAP COVID-19 Assistance Programs

Lakeshore CAP COVID-19 Assistance Programs


Lakeshore Community Action Program

Help for Residents Impacted by Loss of Income Due to COVID-19!


If you live in one of these counties and have been impacted financially by COVID-19, we have a variety of programs to help. Apply today! See our Pre-Screen Applications at: See individual news articles on each program.

Or follow links below:for each program you may be eligible for, depending upon your location and reason for loss of income: Click on the news article below each program for further information.

1. Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) Program:

Info and eligibility at:

2. Mortgage and Water Utility Assistance Program for Homeowners and Renters:

Info and eligibility at:

3. Property Tax Assistance Program:

Info and eligibility at:

COVID-19 Resources for Tenants & Landlords

HUD Multifamily Housing News

COVID-19 Resources for Tenants and Property Owners

We are pleased to provide you with resources to help ensure that residents of Multifamily properties are receiving stimulus payments, staying safe, and are aware of pertinent information related to the pandemic. Here is the full News Release: Stimulus, Vaccines and COVID. Please share these resources with your communities.