HomeNet/Supplemental Education Expenses

HomeNet/Supplemental Education Expenses

Rural Housing HomeNet

…for your homework!

Every child deserves a safe and comfortable place to complete homework assignments. This is why the Foundation for Rural Housing is proud to present HomeNet, a financial resource for in-home internet access during the school year for families that do not currently have internet service. Our goal is to improve grades by connecting families to this learning tool. Find the application by clicking on the link below: 

HomeNet Application


Rural Housing Supplemental Education Expenses

A great use of Cares Act dollars! This program is Rural Housing’s in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement for children to adjust their school schedules.

We will be able to pay up to $300 per family with receipts.

Rural Housing can be pretty flexible on what we reimburse for. We have found with our internet program and other connections with schools that parents have paid additional expenses not normally incurred due to the pandemic.

Application for reimbursement of supplement educational expenses due to COVID 19 can be found by clicking on link here:

Supplemental Educational Expenses Reimbursement

Must be at or below 150% of FPL. See 150% Federal Poverty Level Guidelines

Please call if you would like an application mailed to you. Leave your name and address in the voicemail.

Foundation for Rural Housing, Inc. •  PO Box 314 •  Oregon, WI  53575
Email: wrh@wisconsinruralhousing.org
Phone: (608) 238-3448 or (888) 400-5974 •  Fax: (608) 238-2084

Preventing, Preparing, and Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Power of Hope Manitowoc 2-Day Event

Power of Hope Manitowoc 2-Day Event

March 12 & 13, 2020

Kids at Hope is an evidence-based program that can be implemented in many areas to help teach kids hope, change the framework from “at risk youth” to “kids at hope” and is designed to actually teach someone how to make kids hopeful. We cannot change what youth must deal with in life and in their past. ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is a huge component to health. This program believes that even though you can’t control those ACES, you can control the hope in a child’s life. Their message is that all kids are capable of success, no exceptions. Many of our schools in Manitowoc have taken on this framework and have seen positive outcomes.

Please share this with anyone in your area who may be interested. Manitowoc County Human Services has been leading this in our community. Judges are getting on board; middle and high schools are implementing the framework; and many community coalitions who focus on connectedness find this useful! Think boys and girls clubs, big brothers big sisters, youth drop-in centers, schools, daycares, foster cares, health organizations, youth justice organizations, judges, etc. This conference is for anyone who has contact with youth and families!

It is open to 400 individuals and we would love to expand to different counties if possible. For that reason, share broadly! We are flying in some amazing speakers and want as many people as possible to learn the power of hope.

Here are some resources for more information: