Wisconsin Family Ties

Wisconsin Family Ties

Wisconsin Family Ties (WFT)

Changing Lives, One Family at a Time

WFT is the only statewide, parent-run organization in Wisconsin working with families that include children with social, emotional or behavioral challenges. We walk beside families to provide emotional support while helping to navigate the complex service and treatment systems with which they are involved .

Our statewide network of highly-trained parent peer specialists provides assistance across domains

Mark your calendar!  On March 2, 2021, WFT will participate in ‘THE BIG SHARE” with Wisconsin Community Shares. Your gift will help us hire more Parent Peer Specialists and serve more Wisconsin families. We have two weeks until The Big Share. No gift is too small!

In the Community  Parent peer specialists help parents better understand and navigate local services and supports.  They teach parents collaboration strategies to build stronger working relationships with providers.

At School  Parent peer specialists act as an objective liaison between families, schools, case managers and service providers, working to ensure that school plans are effective and appropriate.

At Home  Parents peer specialists help families identify strategies they can use to reduce conflict and encourage prosocial behavior.  We offer hope and encouragement in challenging times, help to prevent crises, and provide telephone support at times other service are unavailable.

Wisconsin Family Ties
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Question? Email us at info@wifamilyties.org or call (608) 267-6800

Find out more about us on our webpage at https://www.wifamilyties.org/ or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wisconsinfamilyties/