A “Race for the Rest of Us” on Saturday, August 17 from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM at Lincoln Park in Manitowoc. A “fun run” to benefit Lakeshore CAP’s programs throughout our communities!


The, um, race may be the most grueling of your life. This tongue-in-cheek event is geared to the classic underachiever, who wants to participate in an, um, athletic competition and train for it by sleeping in late, eating donuts and drinking beer. You’ll receive a swag bag with a smug oval magnet for your car, a one-of-a-kind event t-shirt, a participation medal – because we celebrate ALL abilities and underachievers − and bragging rights for participating in the punishing 546.8 yard/1640 feet event!  AND, you’ll be raising money for a local cause! Join us for the grueling, um, race or the party afterwards. Food, beer and music will be available after the, um, race. Bring cash for raffles along the way; spectators can purchase a ticket for the after-party separately. This is a FUNDRAISER after all!


The race will start at the Lincoln Park Field House and end at Cabin 1, which is up a treacherous hill that will leave your legs burning and your lungs on fire. There will be rest stations along the way and enthusiastic supporters to cheer you to the finish line. First Aid will be provided by spectators who may or may not have adequate training or a retired nurse, if my mom is willing.

To learn more, to REGISTER, for parking, packet and swag bag instructions, please follow this link:

Lakeshore CAP 0.5K Run

Sponsor or Have Fun Volunteering at this Event!

We are also looking for sponsors (please contact us) and fun volunteers to assist with the race, food, rest stops and cheerleading! Please sign up here: 

0.5K Volunteer Registration

. . . And follow this link to read about Lakeshore CAP and the programs you’ll be “racing” for: https://lakeshorecap.org/