Opportunity to Serve on the Lakeshore CoC Steering Committee

Lakeshore CAP is seeking individuals and agencies to help steer and direct funding for those who are homeless in our service area of Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan counties. Currently, there are approximately 60 homeless households waiting for Lakeshore CAP’s housing programs in these areas. The Lakeshore CoC (Continuum of Care) Program is designed to promote a community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness.

Continuum of Care is a Planning Process

The goal is to understand the size and scope of the problem of homelessness in a community and design effective strategies and solutions to address it. To carry out the purpose of the CoC Program, HUD requires representatives of relevant organizations (e.g., nonprofit organizations, victim services providers, local governments) to form a Continuum of Care to serve a certain geographic area. Specifically, we would like participation from:

  • A current or former homeless individual
  • Landlords
  • Local government officials
  • Law enforcement
  • CDBG entitlement staff
  • Affordable housing developers
  • Local hospitals
  • Interested community members


Lakeshore CoC Quarterly Meetings

The Lakeshore CoC will meet on a quarterly basis during the months of March, June, September, & December. All members share a common purpose to provide quality services in an effort to end homelessness!

If you are interested or have questions, please call Kate Markwardt, Lakeshore CAP, 920.682.3737