Volunteers Needed for Semi-Annual

Point In Time Homeless Count!

A coalition of local agencies and volunteers will be conducting the Point In Time Homeless Count in Manitowoc, Door, Kewaunee, & Sheboygan Counties over the night of Wednesday, January 22, 2020. The focus of the count is to identify people who might be residing on the streets, in cars, campgrounds, under bridges or similar places. Services needed to help the homeless in our communities are a result of identifying those households. The information gathered is used at the state and federal levels to allocate resources for individuals and households requiring homelessness assistance.


2-3 hour shifts are available between 11 PM, Wednesday, January 22nd and 6 AM, Thursday, January 23rd.

Right click and follow link on your preferred county Google Doc to sign up. Thank you so much!

♦ SIGN UP FOR Manitowoc County PIT Count: Manitowoc Google Docs
♦ SIGN UP FOR Sheboygan County PIT Count: Sheboygan Google Docs
♦ SIGN UP FOR Door County PIT Count: Door Google Docs
SIGN UP FOR Kewaunee County PIT Count: Kewaunee Google Docs

Right click for answers to: FAQ’s POINT IN TIME STREET COUNT

Training will be provided before the count

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

If you would like more information on volunteering, please contact:
    • Lakeshore CAP, Manitowoc, Door & Kewaunee Counties — Kate Markwardt, 920.682.3737, kathleenm@lakeshorecap.org
    • Lakeshore CAP, Sheboygan County — Ruth Orozco, 920.694.0042, ruthe@lakeshorecap.org

Be Part of the “No Wrong Door” Solution

Lakeshore CoCIn addition, we are requesting assistance from the community to help us identify locations where suspected homeless people may be staying. If your business is aware of people that do not have shelter or you are a concerned citizen who might have spotted someone you suspect is homeless, please contact us. We can offer assistance and referrals for shelter. Please let us know prior to the Count If you are aware of locations in the community (parked car, parks, etc.) where people are staying so we can find these vulnerable people and offer them services.

People experiencing or at risk of homelessness may find housing and get connected to community-based resources through Coordinated Entry. In most counties in Wisconsin, you can get help at agencies that assist homeless people and/or people in poverty. Lakeshore CAP, covering 4 counties, is among those agencies displaying the “No Wrong Door” welcome poster.

Donate Locally to Help the Homeless!

Lakeshore CAP’s Supportive Housing Program in Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Door & Kewaunee Counties has case managers who assist eligible homeless individuals and households — or those at risk of becoming homeless — maintain housing and work towards self-sufficiency. While we receive HUD grant monies, we also rely on private and fund-raiser donations to further our goals in the communities we serve. Please DONATE on this site to help Lakeshore CAP combat homelessness and give our fellow citizens a hand up. Thank you!