Lakeshore CAP WRAP Results/New WERA!

Lakeshore CAP WRAP Results/New WERA!





See below for information and link to Lakeshore CAP’s 2021 WERA (Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance) program running through November — for households negatively impacted by COVID-19!

In 2020, Lakeshore Community Action Program (CAP) received Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program (WRAP) funds resulting from the CARES Act. The purpose of these funds was to help those who were negatively impacted by COVID-19 and were struggling to pay rent or security deposit. The Lakeshore CAP program provided funding to eligible households residing in the Wisconsin counties of Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc and Sheboygan.

From June 8 to November 25, 2020, Lakeshore CAP assisted the following number of households in our 4-county area, helping them to remain in their homes or move to safe affordable housing:

Rental Assistance
Security Deposit
Lot Rent



Lakeshore Community Action Program (CAP), an agency of WISCAP, recently received another round of Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) funds. Pre-Screen Applications are being accepted now and can be found on our Home Page. The purpose of these funds is to help those who were negatively impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling to pay rent. The Lakeshore CAP program will provide funding to eligible households residing in our service area —  the Wisconsin counties of Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc and Sheboygan. Along with the rental assistance application, you will simultaneously be applying for Energy Assistance (EA).

Information, instructions, documents and restrictions on the program can be found in our News article at Pre-screen applications may be found on our Home Page at in English and Spanish.



If you are seeking other forms of rental assistance due to inability to pay your rent or are facing eviction and/or homelessness, Lakeshore CAP has a different Supportive Housing/Rental Assistance Program. You can find information our on our website at housing or by calling 920.682.3737 for Manitowoc Co, 920-803-6991 for Sheboygan Co, or 920-743-0192 for Door and Kewaunee counties. Applications may also be found on our Home Page in English, Spanish and Hmong at

WERA Provides Help with Utilities

WERA Provides Help with Utilities




If your utilities have been shut off or if you have a past due balance with your provider, please apply for Lakeshore CAP’s WERA Program if you live in Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Door or Kewaunee county. You may apply for utility assistance without having to apply for rent assistance. 


Find the WERA Pre-Screen application in English and Spanish on Lakeshore Community Action’s Home Page at:

Homeless? Let Us Help!

Homeless? Let Us Help!


During the week before Thanksgiving, known as Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week, you might notice signs around your community connected to the hashtags on this post. These signs were distributed by Lakeshore CAP regarding our Supportive Housing Program.

Within the program, a process called Coordinated Entry is used in an effort to refer those seeking housing assistance to the most appropriate services available. The flyer gives a brief explanation regarding Coordinated Entry and which agencies participate. Any agency that displays the No Wrong Door image is an agency that someone seeking a referral to Coordinated Entry system can go to for that referral. In addition, passionate community members are encouraged to contact any of these agencies for volunteer and community support opportunities.

The following agencies on the Lakeshore (Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Door, and Kewaunee Counties) participate: Lakeshore CAP, The Salvation Army of Sheboygan, Incourage, The Haven of Manitowoc County, and Hope House of Manitowoc County.

#Lakeshorecap #NoWrongDoor

Sin Hogar? Permitanos Ayudar!

Sin Hogar? Permitanos Ayudar!

Ninguna Puerta es Incorrectaå

Durante la semana antes del día de Acción de Gracias, es conocida como la semana para despertar conciencia sobre el Hambre y la Indigencia, usted podrá notar algunos posters en la comunidad conectados a estos hashtags en este post. Estos posters fueron distribuidos por Lakeshore CAP en relación con nuestro programa de apoyo a la vivienda.

Dentro del programa, hay un proceso llamado Coordinated Entry en un esfuerzo para referir a quienes buscan asistencia con la vivienda y referirlos a los servicios disponibles que sean más apropiados.

El volante adjunto da una breve explicación en cuanto a Coordinated Entry y cuáles agencias participan. Cualquier agencia que exhiba la imagen de abajo de Ninguna Puerta es Incorrecta, es una agencia a la que alguien puede ir para que se le haga el referimiento a sistema de Coordinated Entry. Además, cualquier miembro de la comunidad que esté interesado, puede contactar a cualquiera de estas agencias para servir como voluntario y para conocer diferentes modos en los que puede proveer apoyo.

Las siguientes agencias participan en el área del Lakeshore (Condados de Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Door and Kewaunee): Lakeshore CAP, El Ejercito de Salvation de Sheboygan, Incourage, The Haven del condado de Manitowoc y Hope House del condado de Manitowoc.

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WI Elections! Voter & Agency Information

WI Elections! Voter & Agency Information

Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC)

WI Agency & Voter Information

It is critical that people experiencing homeless and housing instability are registered to vote! The WEC has provided a variety of resources to educate voters about elections in Wisconsin. Below you will find an index of resources including information on the photo ID requirements and how voters can get an ID for voting even if they do not have documents like a birth certificate or social security care. This program is administered by the WI Department of Transportation and is referred to as the ID Petition Process (IDPP).

The entire voter outreach toolkit can be found at  WEC staff have recorded a webinar to describe the materials in more depth and offer tips on implementing the various resources in your community. This webinar can be found at

WEC voter outreach resources include:

Photo ID Resources

The WEC has created various outreach materials discussing Wisconsin’s photo ID law. Both quick information guides and more individual ID-specific guides are available to use around your community. The WEC has also created and updated the easily distributed palm card, which describes the photo ID law and how voters can get a free ID for voting purposes. The in-depth guides and palm card, including the IDPP palm card, are linked on the outreach page. Additional photo ID information can be found at and

Absentee Voting and Election Security

The WEC has six short animated videos available at, and can be downloaded from the WEC’s Vimeo page at These engaging videos are useful tools for voter outreach events and for use on your websites and social media. The videos are around 2 minutes each and cover the following topics:

  • What is Absentee Voting?
  • How Can I Get an Absentee Ballot?
  • How to Fill Out an Absentee Ballot?
  • How Exactly Do I Turn in My Completed Absentee Ballot?
  • How are Absentee Ballots Counted in Wisconsin?
  • How Can We Be Sure Wisconsin’s Election Results Are Accurate?

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets discussing how to request and return an absentee ballot by mail and how Wisconsin delivers accurate election results. The one-page fact sheets are meant to help quickly promote election information and can be printed and distributed around your community or posted on websites or social media. The fact sheets can be found at

Website Banners

To help promote absentee voting, election security information, and the MyVote Wisconsin website, website banners have been created by the WEC.  The images can be switched out periodically to show new messages and link to different WEC webpages that discuss election security and November preparations in more depth.  The banners can be found at

Additional Resources

To help promote information about Wisconsin’s various election laws and processes, the WEC has created various outreach pages and information to help voters prepare for the upcoming election.  This section of the website has guides discussing the photo ID law, voter registration information, detailed information about special types of voters, and more.  These additional resources can be found at

We hope that you will use these tools to educate voters about photo ID and other voting requirements. It is also our hope that you will share these materials with community organizations and groups that work with voters in your community.

If you have any questions about the voter outreach materials, please contact the Help Desk at or calling 1-866-VOTE-WIS.

Check Your Registration Status at

November 3, 2020 General Election Information For Voters

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on November 3, 2020.

Voter Registration Deadlines:

  • October 14 – To register to vote online (by 11:59 p.m.) or by-mail (postmarked).
  • October 30 at 5 p.m. – To register to vote at your clerk’s office or other designated location.
  • You can register at your polling place on Election Day (November 3, 2020).

Register to vote online here or by printing off this form and mailing it to your municipal clerk.

Absentee By-Mail Deadlines:
  • October 29 at 5 p.m. – To request an absentee ballot by-mail for regular and overseas voters.
  • October 30 at 5 p.m. – To request an absentee ballot by-mail for indefinitely confined voters and military voters (not on active duty).
In-Person Absentee Dates:
  • October 20 – First day to vote absentee in your municipal clerk’s office or other designated location.
  • November 1 – Last possible day. (Please check with your municipal clerk’s office, as dates and times within this window will vary.)

Please request your absentee ballot as soon as possible by visiting